Sandro Di Lucia is a Postgraduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London, but he also studied at the Mountview School of Performing Arts in London, and he also Graduated from the Bernstein School of Musical Theatre in Bologna ( Bmst ). His teachings are based on the Traditional Classical Technique and on the Estill Voice Training ( also familiar with the C.V.T. Complete Voice Techinque ). Sandro studied with the following teachers: Marie Hammond, Anne Marie Speed, Paul Farrington, Helga Westmark, Dorte Hyldstrup and Eleanor Forbes.




Currently Singing teacher by:

Norddeutsche Musical Akademie

Guest Dozent for the Kammer Choir Lüneburg University

Previous work Currently Singing teacher by

Your-Music Musik Schule ( Hamburg-Ottensen )Guest Dozent for the Kammer Choir Lüneburg University

Lübeck  Pop- Rock Musik Schule.

Musik Schule Büchen.

On Stage :

They shoot Horses, don' t they? Royal Academy of Music London

Gala Concerts and Productions Shows - Cyprus

Return To Hamlin - London

Benefit Gala Concert con Kiki dee - London

La Clemenza di Tito.  Royal Opera House London

Musical Gala Eurodisney - Lead Soloist - Paris

Christmas Disney Show- Eurodisney- Lead Solist - Paris

Mickey's Show Time. Disneyland - Paris

Broadway Celebration. Gardaland Italy

Il Conte di Montecristo. Gino Landi - Italy

MSC Cruise Ship. Orchestra. Lead Soloist

AIDA Cruise Ships. Luna, Stella, Diva, Bella, Blu. Workshops for the new ship Aida Prima,and for Luna, Stella, Bella etc..

Sister Act - Amburgo- Cover TJ

Musical Dinner Show - Erfurt - Lead Soloist

La Passione- Hamburg Staatsopera - Romeo Castellucci

Titanic Das Musical- Mr. Ismay- Bologna Staatsopera - Italy

Recording of the Title song " Do you know " for the movie ( Kurzfilmserien ) - The Green Challenge.