Welcome to my website. If you managed to get  here, we probably have something in common : the passion for singing. Discover your true natural voice, while having fun, through a solid singing and breathing technique ( amongst other things ). I can help you improve your intonation, range, power and interpretation, for auditions, shows or even just for fun. Welcome new beginners.

Who am I?

Hello everybody and welcome to my site. If you managed to find your way here, it is because we share the same passion for singing and music.Singing has always been part of my life, since I was a child, and has always been the most natural way to express myself and to connect with others. Thanks to almost two decades of Theater work, Musicals, Concerts, Showcases and studio work,throughout Europe ( Italy, England, France, Cyprus and Germany )and a genuine passion for singing and singing technique, I can help you develop your voice in a natural and healthy way.

What do I offer ?

Breathing Technique, Singing Technique, working on different Vocal Styles ( POP, MUSICAL, ROCK, SOUL R&B. Increase your vocal range, improve your intonation and vocal agility. My teachings are based on the Traditional Classical Technique and on the Estill Voice Training ( I am an Estill Master Trainer. I studied with Anne- Marie Speed and with Helga Westmark) . I believe every person has a different and unique potential, and I'm sure to be able to help you develop yours!